To Ensure Success Online, You Just Need to Know This ONE ODD FACT – Your Website Is Like a Mullet Haircut

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Do you recall the mullet haircut that was popular in the 80’s? Perhaps you actually sported this hairstyle? It was memorable for its two sides – short in the front, and long in the back. Because of the style, the mullet’s place in pop culture history was cemented by the phrase “business in the front, party in the back.”

Similarly, your website has two sides. One side is seen and read by your customers, and the other side is “seen” and “read” by the search engines. Some might argue it’s a reverse mullet party in the front (the side seen by humans) and business in the back (the side seen by machines). Either way, one thing is certain, BOTH sides of your website must be AWESOME to maximize cash flow into your business.

Side 1: Tell Your Story to Humans

The first side of the website is the visual side. As humans, we appreciate a website that looks beautiful and is easy to understand. It resonates with us. We have an innate understanding of beauty and flow because, well, we’re humans. Business professionals also understand the importance of a compelling site that is modern and easy to navigate. This is where a business converts visitors into customers – where cost becomes revenue. For these reasons, it is easy to understand why so much focus is placed on this side of the website. In fact, Web Design is a $24B market in the US alone.

This investment is for professionals with expertise in User Experience, Targeting Personas, Influencing the Purchase Decision, etc. When done well, these experts effectively tell your story to the humans in your target market.

However, simply focusing on this side of the website does not guarantee success. I am often asked; why doesn’t my beautifully designed website drive more traffic?

The reason is simple; your website just isn’t telling your story to the search engines.

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Side 2: Tell Your Story to the Search Engines

So, you’ve got a great site … but is anyone seeing it? Don’t let your website get buried by a million other sites on the internet. This side of your website tells your story to the search engines to rank your site on top. For some, this is less intuitive and harder to understand. But that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, for traffic, this is most important. Because even an ugly site that ranks well, will command major traffic.

Just like there are experts in flow and design, there are experts in Organic SEO. These experts ensure your site’s code and content gets top positioning in the search results – without paying for ads. When done well, your site effectively tells your story to the search engines.

In conclusion:

Like a good mullet haircut, your website has two sides. Each side has a distinct purpose and both must work great to benefit your business.

The engine side GETS traffic. It makes sure that your site’s code and content is correct and relevant for the search engines. That way, when your customers search your industry, your site appears and you get visitors.

The human side CONVERTS traffic. It looks great to people and encourages your visitors to make a purchase.

CAUTION: As humans, it’s easy to focus more on the human side, because when we see our beautiful site, we respond emotionally. That’s fine, but don’t overlook the engine side. Beware of design firms that claim “to do SEO too”. Or if developing on your own, simply “considering SEO” is not enough. Remember that both sides have their unique expertise and skills.

So make sure your website tells your story to BOTH the human and the engine side. Just like when sporting that mullet, you want to look good from all sides.


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