Typically, our clients get 5X more traffic at a fraction of their ad costs. That’s because organic traffic is of higher quality than paid traffic, and that leads to greater engagement.  The organic traffic that we drive to your site typically reads twice as many pages and stays on the site three times longer, as compared to traffic arriving via paid ads. This leads to higher conversion rates for you.

We optimized a site in the self-storage industry with a Corporate Level 10 optimization. This business tracked 277 new customers that signed up on the new pages we added to their site. Each new customer was worth $1,200. This business owner received $322,400.00 in annualized revenue for an optimization cost of $22,000.

We tracked 277 new sales in ’06 from our internet search engine exposure!” 

Janie M.

VP of Marketing

An executive recruiter was about to start a Google PPC campaign. Instead, we provided them with a Corporate Level 3 optimization. Four days after uploading the optimization, they closed on a $90,000 deal to place two executives. Since then, this client upgraded service levels twice.

“If it weren’t for you guys, none of this would have been possible; you’ve changed my life!”


“It’s been less than 30 days since you optimized my site and my traffic from Google is up 358%!” 

Robert S.


We performed a Corporate Level 5 optimization for a mortgage company recruiting branch offices to exand their reach into 14 states. Approximately 30 days after launching the optimization, the recruiting director contacted us to remove the phone number from the site. They simply could not handle all of the calls. With our help, they grew from 50 branches to over 450 branches in just over three years.

“Please remove Emergency Generators from our optimization.  I don’t have the bandwidth to answer the phone calls or fill the orders.” 

Floyd R.


PPC vs Organic Visitors: Case Study

We recently conducted this case study on one of our client’s sites. He maintained his PPC campaign and after we optimized his site, we compared the traffic. Specifically, we compared the quality of the visit between organic visitors and PPC visitors.

The data from Google Analytics is compelling in favor of organic traffic.

  • First column: the organic visitor views twice as many pages over a PPC visitor.
  • Second column: the organic visitor stays on the site over three times longer per visit.
  • Third column shows the bounce rate: 80% of paid visitors bounce off the site

(a 35% reduction in bounce rate for the organic visitor versus the paid visitor!)


Bottom line, an organic visitor is a better visitor as compared to a PPC visitor.


Organic Visitor v. PPC Visitor