Test your site

Can the search “spiders” find your site?

Q: Does a low score mean I won’t get ranked?
A: There are many factors that go into ranking a site. Having proper code makes it better. All else being equal, a properly coded site will set you apart from your competition.

Q: My site scored 0%, what gives?
A: If your site is protected through SSL (e.g. HTTPS), we respect your privacy and this tool will not read your site. Other factors, such as pop-ups may also block the tool.

Q: Google.com only scores 18%! That can’t be right?
A: Google.com has over 4 Billion pages, with a “B”. Other well-known sites are also huge and drive traffic because of their brand recognition. That is different than a typical small to medium business. We test for what will put your site on page one.

What does my score mean?